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Become the #1 DATE Spot in Town: 5 Ideas for Food Service

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Written by Amanda

Calling all chefs, bakers, baristas, mixologists and restaurateurs! If you aren’t using medjool date syrup in your recipes, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee – and possibly rethink what you’re using to sweeten it!

Medjool dates and date syrup make for the perfect substitute for refined sugars and a versatile ingredient to add a little sweetness to your sweeteners, sauces, baked goods, and other yummy dishes. After having been used for thousands of years as a staple food item in the Middle East, it’s time for the rest of the world to catch on to how amazingly useful this superfruit can be!

It’s surprising to us that dates and date syrups aren't already highlighted on every menu across the globe. They aren’t only a healthy alternative for cooking and baking. Medjool dates are decadently rich, loaded with essential nutrients, and blend beautifully into a smooth date syrup that works perfectly as a flavor enhancer in your go-to beverages.

If you ask us, we think every restaurant, bar and cafe should make medjool dates and date syrup available on the menu. Whether you’re a folksy breakfast cafe, fancy fine-dining hotspot, or hip cocktail lounge, there are so many delicious ways to incorporate medjool dates and date syrup into your dishes, beverages and desserts! Read on to learn about some clever ways to become the best date spot in town ;)

1. Use in Sauces, Dressings and More

Every restaurant needs a secret sauce! One of the awesome things about medjool dates is that they can be easily blended down into syrup. Date syrup is versatile and can mix well with other sweet or savory ingredients.

Medjool date syrup can be used to make a unique signature barbeque sauce, peanut sauce, or marinade for chicken or beef. Whatever kind of sauce that needs that extra touch of sweetness – medjool date syrup is up for the role. It can also be combined with other bold flavors to make a delectable salad dressing.

With a bottle of Joolie’s date syrup in hand, your top chefs can get super creative! We’d love to see (and taste) what they come up with!

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2. Alternative Sweetener for Coffee

Everyone dreams of having their go-to coffee shop (à la “Friends”). The one where you can just waltz right in, greet the barista by name, and order “the usual”. Then hang out on the couch for what seems like hours, teasing Ross for his most recent misunderstanding! ;)

And it goes without saying that every coffee shop dreams of being that adored neighborhood spot for their town!

If you’re a coffee shop owner, you should definitely consider having date syrup as an alternative sweetener for coffees and teas! It will give your spot the extra special something that other coffee shops don’t offer.

Medjool dates are a delicious way to replace the processed sugars in a usual coffee drink. The caramel-like flavor and smooth richness mix so well with the bitter taste of coffee. Plus, you can gain so much more nutritional value while reducing your refined sugar intake.

Breakfast cafes are famous for their pancakes or waffles! Offering date syrup as an alternative to the usual maple or other popular syrups is a sure fire way to stand out amongst your competition.

3. Alternative Simple Syrup for Cocktails

Hey bartender! Another great way to use date syrup is as a replacement for simple syrup in specialty cocktails. The subtle sweetness of medjool dates balances well with more acidic flavors.

Plus, too much sugar can cause a nasty hangover! Date syrup contains natural sugars that are better for the body and may lower the chances of feeling crummy the next day – as long as one drinks responsibly and in moderation, of course. Less hangovers means happier customers… and happier customers always come back for more! See, we’re thinking ahead. :)

There are so many awesome cocktail recipes to enjoy with medjool date syrup. For whisky drinkers, enjoy a MedjoOld Fashioned ;) Tequila drinkers… medjool-a-rita? You get the picture!

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4. Spruce up your Charcuterie Boards!

We don’t know too many people that don’t absolutely adore a charcuterie board. Is there anything better than a beautifully assorted plate of cheese, crackers, fruits and fancy cured meats?

There’s one item that can take your charcuterie board to a whole new level: medjool dates, of course. Add these plump, chewy delights to your board on their own, or wrap them in bacon or prosciutto for an even more delicious treat. Get ready for this menu item to quickly become one of your restaurant’s most popular!

5. Desserts Galore!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using medjool dates for your dessert menu! Date syrup can be used in cookies, brownies or other baked goods to reduce the amount of processed sugar while maintaining the mouth-watering sweet taste.

Date syrup is delicious on its own or it can be turned into a caramel sauce! A little drizzle of either on your house-made ice cream will transform a classic dessert option into a gourmet delicacy. You can even stuff a handful of medjool dates with peanut or almond butter and dip in dark chocolate to create a more nutritious, vegan-friendly dessert!

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In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a unique way to revamp your restaurant, bar or cafe’s menu, look no further! Medjool dates are the perfect ingredient to give your signature dishes that special “it” factor that will surely switch things up and keep your customers coming back for more! They’re decadently rich and versatile in taste and texture. Date syrup is that secret ingredient you’ve been looking for to improve your sauces, dressings, cocktails, desserts and so much more.

With medjool dates on the menu, you’ll be the #1 date spot in town in no time! ;)

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