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Should Medjool Dates Be A Part Of Your Postpartum Diet?

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Regardless of how you delivered and are feeding your baby, eating the right foods during the “fourth trimester” is incredibly important.

Your body just delivered a human into the world – an act that requires healing and recovery after the fact. And while your body is attempting to mend, you have a newborn who is keeping you plenty busy (and keeping you from sleeping a full 8 hours every night). And for some new moms, producing enough breastmilk to sustain the baby is constantly on her to-do list to boot. 

Thankfully, there are some postpartum superfoods that can easily be included in your postpartum diet to help support your journey in a healthy way. 

Many may already know that eating foods like a variety of veggies, whole grains, and high-quality protein is key when you are focused on your postpartum health 🥦🍊🥕

Less known (unfortunately) is that medjool dates are one of the best foods you can eat once you become a mama. And here are a few reasons why.


Dates Can Help You Manage Postpartum Bowel Movement Challenges

Having a bowel movement can be, well, challenging after delivering a baby. Thanks to changes in hormones, organs being shifted, stress, and possible perineal tears, going number two can become quite a challenge 😳

While this isn’t talked about too often, having a soft bowel movement that is easy to pass is a dream come true for new moms. And along with proper hydration 💦and engaging in physical movement 🏃, eating foods that contain fiber can help make that dream come true ☁️

And this is how dates can come to the rescue. Eating just 2 dates contains a whopping 3 grams of fiber, or 12% of the daily value, and can help move things along. 

In fact, results from a 3-week study show that, people who ate 7 dates every day experienced improved bowel movement frequency vs. when they did not eat the dates every day. 

Including dates in your postpartum routine can give your gut the support it needs to help keep things running smoothly in the bathroom department. Trust us – taking a proactive approach to having healthy postpartum bowel movements is something that you definitely want to focus on 👍 


Dates Can Provide Sustainable Energy

Between caring for a new baby and healing from giving birth, new moms need some serious energy ⚡ And while downing candy and other sugary treats will offer up a quick burst of energy, that spurt will be followed by a sugar crash shortly after 📉 

Choosing sources of sustainable energy is the name of the game during the postpartum stage. And if the energy-dense foods you are choosing are easy grab-and-go options that require zero prep, that is even better – because who has time to chop and cook with a new baby in tow?

Dates contain natural carbohydrates in the form of natural sugar. But, unlike some other fruit options, these natural sweet treats have a low glycemic index, meaning that eating them won’t result in a blood sugar spike. Rather, they will give mama sustained energy that will help her have the energy that she needs to keep it all going 📈 Bonus? Enjoying them takes hardly any effort. Simply open up a box and enjoy. Of course, you can always jazz them up by stuffing them with some nut butter and topping them with chocolate chips for even more nutrition 🍫 


Eating Dates May Reduce The Risk Of Postpartum Hemorrhage

Postpartum hemorrhage is a serious but rare condition that occurs when a woman has heavy bleeding after giving birth. And while it typically happens within 1 day of giving birth, it can happen up to 3 months after having a baby. 

Amazingly, one small study showed that eating dates immediately after delivery resulted in significantly less blood loss and hemorrhaging vs. the amount experienced when given certain medication. 

So, enjoying some dates once you are holding that little of bundle of joy in your arms may offer a safe and natural option to help keep mom safe.


Dates Contain Key Nutrients For Postpartum Health

Think your nutrition needs only increase when you are pregnant? Think again. Especially if you are breastfeeding, your nutrition needs can be even higher than what they were when you were pregnant once you have your baby.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should be downing empty calorie choices all day every day. Eating nutrient-dense foods that pack a punch in the postpartum nutrition department is key 🔑 And dates are jam-packed with postpartum healing and lactation supporting micronutrients, including:

    • Iron to help replenish blood lost during delivery
    • Calcium and magnesium to support bone health
    • potassium to help maintain fluid balance
    • manganese to support the healing process

Including dates in your postpartum diet can help reduce the risk of experiencing nutritional gaps in a super-convenient and yummy way 😋


Dates Are A Sweet Addition To A Postpartum Diet

Once you become a mom, it is easy to put all of your focus on your new bundle of joy and forget about your own needs – especially when it comes to nutrition. But it is incredibly important to never neglect taking care of yourself so you can be the best mom you can be for your little one.  

Enjoying organic Medjool dates like Joolies will fuel your body with key postpartum nutrients without exposing yourself to glyphosate or pesticides. And the sustainable energy that you will get when you pop one in your mouth is something that every new mother can appreciate 🙏 Finally, supporting unique concerns like postpartum constipation or postpartum hemorrhage makes including dates in your diet even more appealing. 

No matter whether you are using them in an energy ball date recipe, tossing them in your smoothie, or simply eating them on their own, Joolies Organic Medjool Dates are one of the best things you can eat to support the exciting postpartum stage in a sweet and natural way 🌴 

Written by: Lauren Manaker, MS, RDN, LDN, CLEC, CPT

Registered Dietician, Nutritionist, Women's Health Expert and Freelance Writer


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