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30 Of The Best Gifts to Give Your Neighbors

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Written by Abby

Whether they just moved in or you've known them for years.

It's about that time of year where you have to think of who to get gifts for and... it's just about everyone. Yeah, it snuck up on us, too. Perhaps your new next door neighbors are on the list, or the couple down the street is hosting a holiday party you want to be armed for. Here, we rounded up 30 of the best gifts you can give a neighbor that are nice and good for just about anyone.

The neighbor gift can be a hard vibe to nail depending on how well you know them or not. Maybe you've seen them outside cooking or you know they just adopted a dog—all details you have mean for a better gift-giving strategy. Generally, this isn't the kind of gift you'd need to spend a ton on, either. File neighbors under that thoughtful-but-not-expensive giftees.

These make great neighbor gifts for holidays, housewarmings, and a little something just because. We're firm believers that Joolies Dates are the best dates, and your neighbor deserves to know about them.


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