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Joolies Organic Medjool Date Syrup Completely Changed How I Make Salad Dressings

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Written by Abby

Like a bottle of lightly fruity caramel syrup, but made only with dates and water, Joolies organic date syrup has livened up a wide variety of items I cook. I love that it’s a liquid version of a dried fruit, rather than a sugar syrup or man-made non-caloric syrup. Adding it to a recipe is a swap from a nutrient-void ingredient to one full of the nutrition of dates.

"Your savory recipes will never be the same again with this sweetener."

Enter Joolies, a date brand that has brought a liquified, easy-to-use version of dates to the mainstream. Date syrup isn’t a new idea, but Joolies is the first to be so widely available, carried at big box grocers rather than only international markets. It’s a take on what Israelis call silan, which they use for drizzling on pancakes and as a dessert sweetener. 

While it’s a natural choice for sweet recipes, my favorite use for Joolies is in savory applications. I love punchy salad dressings, but I don’t enjoy the sourness that a high vinegar ratio can involve. A drizzle of Joolies syrup cuts right through that tang, enabling me to make dressings that are lower in oil than average without feeling too sharp on the palate.

With the vegetable slaws I regularly make for my private chef client, I compose dressings directly in the mixing bowl with Dijon mustard, white balsamic or Champagne vinegar, high-phenolic olive oil, torn fresh herbs, salt/pepper, and a hearty dash of date syrup. The date syrup adds thickness to the dressing in addition to a sweet flavor that balances and mellows the other, stronger tasting, ingredients. 


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