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Eating Trends Round Up

5 Minute Read

Written by Abby

There are so many “ways of eating” or “diet” trends, if you will. So we did our research and broke down 6 of the most popular trends and what is best for medjool dates. 
1. Mediterranean
    • this is the trend that never goes out of style💁Meals are built around plant-based foods such as fruits (hi medjool👋), vegetables, whole grains, beans, nut and seeds, and olive oil. 


2. Paleo

    • aka "caveman-diet" which is meant to resemble what hunter-gathers ate thousands of years ago. The big guideline is to avoid processed foods and focus on healthy, whole foods such as meat, seafood, eggs, veggies, fruits (hi medjool👋), potatoes, nuts, healthy fats and spices. You can even indulge in wine and dark chocolate every now and then. Joolies is even Paleo certified😚 


3. Keto

    • A low carb, high fat diet. When you drastically reduce your carb intake, your body goes into a state of ketosis, which causes your body to become very efficient in burning fat. The majority of the diet is based on foods like meat, eggs, butter, nuts, healthy oils, avocados, and low-carb veggies. All fruit except a handful of berries are to be avoided (so we guess this means we have to breakup😢?)



4. Vegan

    • A lifestyle that focuses on plant-based foods and beverages to eliminate the use and harm of living beings.​ This diet consists of legumes such as lentils and beans, all fruits (hi medjool👋) and vegetables, nuts, seeds, rice, pasta, etc. 



5. Intermittent Fasting

    • This extremely popular eating pattern is one that cycles between windows of fasting and eating. The typical rule of thumb is 16/8, so 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating. There really isn't a guideline to the foods you should/shouldn't eat (hi medjool👋), but rather when you should eat them. So we can still DATE😉



6. Sirtfood

    • You might have heard of this trend, since Adele is a huge fan! The main focus is to consume foods that are rich in sirtuins, proteins involved in cellular health and metabolism, while decreasing your total calorie intake. These foods include kale, arugula, buckwheat, walnuts, medjool👋, coffee, and you can even indulge in some red wine and chocolate. 


Try to embrace a change that is sustainable over the long run, instead of a getting wrapped up in "yo-yo" dieting. In the end, it's important that you chose what is best for you and your body! We just hope it includes us too😘 


*please note that this content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


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