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McConnell's Ice Creams x Joolies Dates California Date Shake Collab

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Written by Abby

Enjoy a date shake, but in ice cream form, via this limited-edition flavor. McConnell's Ice Creams partnered with Coachella date farm Joolies on the oh-so-California confection.

The Santa Barbara gem, which can trace its own history back to the late 1940s, has teamed up with Joolies, the Coachella grower famed for succulent Medjool dates.

The California Date Shake ice cream "... is made with sweet cream infused with organic Medjool dates from Joolies, a touch of sea salt, a sprinkle of cinnamon and swirls of Joolies delicious date syrup."

"Feels like a trip to Palm Springs!" is the enticing vow.

And while every season in the Golden State is a prime season for eating dates, the gooey-centered gems really come into their snacky spotlight in the fall and winter, when Christmas cookies, dense fruitcakes, and other classic holiday fare rely upon their sublimely sticky and moist marvelousness.

But while summer is still here, as it is for a few more days, you can find date delight in a new ice cream flavor at your local McConnell's scoop shop.


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Joolies organic medjool dates are available in 14 oz. Whole and 11oz. Pitted organic dates at an affordable SRP of $8.99. Joolies also carries single-origin Organic Medjool Date Syrup available for SRP $9.99.