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Sweeten Your Life: Benefits of Eating Medjool Dates Every Day

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Written by Abby

Medjool dates will sweeten up your daily routine, while packing a nutrient-dense punch. Here are 8 reasons to make them a daily delight!

In a world where the pursuit of healthier eating habits has become paramount and kale salads and quinoa bowls reign supreme, we’re shining a light on one of the unsung heroes of healthy eating–Medjool dates! These sweet nuggets are a hidden gem for anyone looking to elevate and infuse their daily diet with natural goodness.
It’s important to note that not all dates are the same and being a fresh fruit, you want the cream of the crop, the freshest of the fresh: Joolies Dates! Grown in sunny Coachella California, Joolies organic medjool dates are always fresh and never dried or re-hydrated (like some big name date brands)--you can seriously taste the difference. In the desert, the hot, toasty days and cool nights are where medjools thrive, ripening into the plumpest, juiciest, most flavorful medjool dates.
In many parts of the world, medjool dates are a commodity and have been cherished for centuries for their sweet, caramel-like flavor and chewy texture. But they are not just about taste–medjool dates are a powerhouse of nutrients and health benefits too.
medjool dates

1. Superior Nutritional Profile 

Also known as the “king of dates,” medjool dates are bursting with essential macro and micronutrients that can give your health a golden boost. They are rich in potassium, magnesium, fiber, and several B vitamins, to name a few-- you could consider medjools the original multivitamin! Each of these vitamins and minerals play crucial roles in the body.

In a 3.5-ounce serving of Medjool dates, you’ll find the following nutrients:

  • 20% of the RDI for potassium
  • 18% of the RDI for copper
  • 15% of the RDI for manganese
  • 12% of the RDI for vitamin B6

It’s a daily dose of health in every bite. Additionally, dates are rich in protein (2.3-5.6%)--containing a higher content than in other fruits such as apples, bananas, and oranges, where the protein content does not exceed 1%.With Joolies dates, you are getting top-tier quality that ensures you get the maximum nutritional benefits and a date you can take home to mom.



2. Natural Energy Booster

A morning iced coffee, a pre-workout celsius, an afternoon matcha–we all have our favorite caffeine-laden beverages that are fundamental to our daily routines. On the days you find yourself having one too many coffees, you are trying to cut back on the caffeine all together, or looking to change things up, medjool dates provide a refreshing alternative, providing a natural boost of energy without the jitters or a nasty crash. Say goodbye to energy slumps! While the natural sugars (carbohydrates) in dates offer a quick pick-me-up, due to the low glycemic index of dates, the carbohydrates are digested more slowly providing longer lasting energy. Snacking on a few dates during the day can help maintain your energy levels so you can stay movin’ and groovin’!


organic medjool dates

3. Heart Healthy Choice 

Your heart deserves all the love it can get and Joolies is the date that won’t break your heart, but will actually help protect it! Being rich in potassium, this mineral is essential for helping to regulate blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease. Additionally, the dietary fiber in medjool dates helps to lower your total cholesterol level by lowering your LDL, often called "bad cholesterol;" boosting heart health and keeping that ticker in tip-top shape!



4. Gut-Friendly Goodness

A healthy gut = a happy gut! Good digestive health is fundamental to your well-being and medjool dates are known to help–hey, everybody does it! Medjool dates are packed with fiber that not only helps keep your digestive system regular, but also helps create a healthier gut microbiome! Dates contain prebiotic fiber, which is an indigestible starch that fuels beneficial organisms like probiotics, to help keep your microbiota composition thriving.



5. Rich in Antioxidants 

Antioxidants are like little superheroes flying around, protecting our bodies from “free radicals,” which are unstable molecules that cause harm (oxidative damage) to our bodies that if left unchecked, could exacerbate to something serious. Medjool dates are rich in antioxidants including flavonoids, carotenoids, and contain a significant portion of one antioxidant: phenolic acid. It is best absorbed by our bodies when they are eaten fresh instead of dried, which is one of the many reasons Joolies dates are always fresh and never dried–so you get all the juicy goodness! In fact, organic Medjool dates are one of the richest sources of polyphenol antioxidants compared to other fruit, containing 616 mg of polyphenol antioxidants per 100 mg of fruit.



6. Supports Healthy Pregnancy 

Did you know medjool dates are nature’s magic for pregnancy? Eating these sweet morsels of fruit has been shown to offer some unique benefits when it comes to supporting labor. Medjool dates naturally contain many important nutrients that are needed in higher amounts during pregnancy, including folate, choline, iron, and magnesium according to the USDA. In addition, dates are packed with vitamin K, which helps a growing baby develop strong bones, and it can improve your muscle and nerve function. 

It may come as a surprise, but dates can help soften (or ripen) the cervix which is necessary in order for the baby’s head to make its way through. Striving to consume 5-7 dates every day during the last few weeks of pregnancy has been shown to help improve cervical ripening, and shorten labor when compared to women who did not consumer dates daily, making them a perfect pre-labor food for future mamas. 


medjool dates, date syrup

7. Natural Sweetener and Sweet Tooth Saver

Refined sugar has a surprising way of sneaking into things it definitely doesn’t and/or shouldn’t be in. Medjool dates offer a low glycemic, more nutritious, natural sweetener with no added sugar so you can satisfy that sweet tooth without a second thought. While they make an exceptional snack on their own, start sweetening daily eats like oatmeal, yogurt bowls, smoothies, salad dressings, baked goods, side dishes, the list goes on and on. We would be faulting ourselves if we didn’t acknowledge the fact that using whole medjool dates simply will not work in some cases–that is when Joolies organic date syrup comes in! Made with upcycled medjool dates, the silky smooth syrup still has all the yummy nutrients and health benefits of a medjool date, just in syrup form.

Making the swap to dates and date syrup means less sugar, more nutrients, and no sugar crashes. It is not only the healthier alternative, but the superior, delicious alternative. Of course it is always important to remember that sweets should be consumed in moderation. Even medjool dates!  


medjool dates

8. Versatile Culinary Ingredient

Eating the same thing every day can get old, but not when it comes to nature’s candy. These little wonders aren’t just for snacking, they are also versatile culinary magicians that can add pizzazz to any dish. Whether you are whipping up a delightful sweet like Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, Lazy Chocolate Turtles, or diving into the savory world with stuffed dates wrapped in crispy bacon, or Glazed Roasted Carrots with dates and pistachios, the possibilities are endless! Say goodbye to food monotony and hello to the excitement of cooking with these naturally sweet treasures. Incorporating medjool dates into your daily meals opens up a whole world of culinary creativity while savoring all their incredible health benefits.

Don’t forget that Joolies date syrups pack many of the same benefits as fresh medjool dates! Check out our organic Medjool date syrups for drizzling, stirring, and sautéing your way to daily consumption.

Need some date-inspiration? Our recipe library is filled with over 120 ways to enjoy, cook, bake (and no-bake), medjool dates! 


Bottom Line

Life is sweeter with Joolies medjool dates! Not only do they taste like nature’s candy, but they come with a slew of health benefits and nutrients. From their superior nutritional profile to supporting heart health, a happy tummy, glowing skin, medjool dates really are the full package deal. Enjoy them as a solo snack, a natural sweetener, or a versatile culinary ingredient, these sweet California-grown gems will brighten your daily routine and add more flavor to your life, one juicy bite at a time.

Hungry for more? Check out 12 Potassium-Rich Foods, Are Dates Good For You?, and 8 Benefits of Eating Enough Fiber for more up-dates on the health benefits of medjool dates!


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